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Then, remember the lessons you have learned about building a good argument and apply those to your presentation. Convinces reader claim is true Uses evidence—facts and data Acknowledges counterclaims—the other side of the argument 7 How do you Describe an Effective Claim?

Takes a clear position Is narrow enough to be supported within essay Can be supported by facts or citations from a text 8 What are the Different Types of Claims? Turn against and turn back Clear and brief?

More cases of cancer 12 Example of Step 3 3. It presents you as the kind of person who weighs alternatives before arguing for one REMEMBER The counter-argument in an essay will be followed by a rebuttal paragraph: You turn against your argument to challenge it Then, after the counter-argument, you write a rebuttal paragraph to reaffirm your argument 6 1 The Counter-argument… Introduce the counter-argument with a transition phrase like: One might object here that Decide whether it is strong, weak, true or false so you can rebut it effectively.

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I can evaluate and assess arguments and the relevance of evidence. What's your relationship with your audience, and how does it affect your language and tone? Clear and forceful claim Well-constructed argument Strong textual support with lucid clear explanations of text support Addresses counterclaims Strong conclusion.

When you write an academic essay, you make an argument: Your thesis statement and supporting reasons When you counter-argue, you consider a possible argument against your thesis or some aspect of your reasoning.

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Argumentative Presentations