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Moreover, Python is not a suitable programming language for safety-relevant applications. Python is currently not well supported by WebAssembly, but things might change in the future. You could ask the users of your app to install Python and PyQt like we did above, then give them your source code. To install it, enter the command: pip install fbs. Python is ranked as the third most popular programming language on GitHub. We use the most basic type QWidget for it because it merely acts as a container and we don't want it to have any special behavior. If you are going for mobile and desktop support or your target is an embedded device, Qt for Python is no valid choice at the moment. In the above example, our slot shows a message box. From a business standpoint, the popularity of a programming language and tools is also very important. Python has a simpler syntax, no braces. Therefore, it's even more critical to test Python code thoroughly. It certainly opens up new possibilities due to the enormous ecosystem of the Python programming language and community.

However, when searching for an IDE that supports both, Qt and Python very well, we quickly run out of options. There are a lot of Qt Designer tutorials out there, check them out to learn more about this tool.

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Say you've written an app. Secondly, general PySide support has been greatly improved. Compile your app You now have the basic knowledge for creating a GUI that responds to user input.

The following example illustrates this.


Built-in styles The coarsest way to change the appearance of your application is to set the global Style. First, select the group box and click the Layout Vertically button.

Especially front-end and HMI applications are idle most of the time.


What we want instead is a standalone version of your app.

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How to Use Qt Creator to Make Your Python UI