Writing a play graphic organizer

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Invite members of each group to share their ideas. Step Have the jury foreman announce Brutus's innocence or guilt and give the sentence! Discuss why Shakespeare might have written a clock into this play. Technology Integration Have students use word processing to publish their plays.

Step 9: Instruct students to read Act II during this class period and think about its role as the rising action. Have the students place their sticky note explanations next to the corresponding items on the worksheet. Step Before reading, introduce the term foreshadowing as a writer's technique to clue the reader or audience that something specific is about to happen.

Remind them that the rising action is where events start to get interesting. The students who see Brutus as guilty will act as prosecutors while those who find him justified will act as defendants. Create a class book with all of the plays. Refer back to the vocabulary words used in the beginning of the lesson and ask the students to use those words as they describe their work.

Step 2: Introduce the elements of figurative language: simile, metaphor, personification, and hyperbole. Remind students that the falling action is where events start slowing down and coming to a close. Assessment Use small sticky notes for students to create an overlay on their worksheet.

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Scriptwriting: Plot Graphic Organizer