Write question answer paper

Make a mini-plan which puts them in order before you start writing. Making a practice of writing out answers is especially useful in managing the time limit set for the exam and to write the best possible answer in the allotted time It not only improves one's style of expression, but also one gets used to the time and word limits.

Too little spacing between words.

exam writing skills

Too many words being inserted in between and above other words on the same line. If you have 5 minutes left, and another 10 non-multiple-choice questions worth 30 marks altogether to go, what would you do?

While drawing diagrams, you must always use a pencil. Read through the paper once and then re-read each question.

how to write in exam paper to get good marks

Instead have ideas that are supported or opposed by your evidence. Don't repeat the information you give in one part of the question in the other.

Ask somebody who has a better command of English than you e. Defineā€¦ This is self-explanatory: all that is required is to provide a definition of a term or idea.

how to answer discuss questions in exams
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