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When you find it, install it.

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Amharic is the official language of Ethiopia. This might re-spring you iPhone.

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Then go to Search on Cydia then write Amharic on the search bar. View in iTunes Amharic is the official language of Ethiopia and it is spoken widely throughout the nation. You are now able to compose emails, send SMS messages or even tweet or post to Facebook from your iPhone. Messages iTypeAmharic enables composing and sending messages in Amharic directly to others iTypeAmharic users. Click it to switch to Amharic or English Keyboard. Wait for it to install and once it finishes installing, it will re-spring you iPhone. Messages can also be posted directly to Twitter and Facebook. The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on This is available when sharing via Email, or when sharing to Twitter. The applications unique ability to send amharic messages directly to other iTypeAmharic users makes it simple to communicate in Amharic on the iPhone. There is no better way to say what's on your mind than writing it in the original language.

Watch the video tutorial for extra tips and tricks. This tutorial is for all iPhones which are above iOS5. The ability to capture what is written as an image makes it possible to share with those who don't have access to the font.

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Trust me, it might happen! To test if you can write Amharic on notes, go to Notes and start writing. This is truly a revolutionary product. Program Details. Anyways, after days of searching and trying out some applications, I found a way to not only to read Amharic fonts on my iPhone but also to write Amharic using an Amharic Keyboard. Watch the video tutorial for extra tips and tricks. Leave us your comments if you have any problems or you can't find certian charcters. This might re-spring you iPhone. Now you are able to read Amharic fonts on your iPhone or iPad. To send to someone not in your address book simply use their email address or phone number. Internet Connection 2. Just click the green Download button above to start. View Screenshots For the first time on any platform, now you can send and receive amharic text messages SMS on your Android phone.

Program Details. Messages are enabled after registering an email address, phone number, or facebook account. From the search results, find and click on Amharic Keyboard-ios5.

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iTypeAmharic for iPhone and iPad