Write a letter to home office

If you have any evidence to support this e. Have you ever suffered as a result of Home Office delays in making a decision on your case? You should also explain how you meet the requirements for a fee waiver or why you are fee exempt here. The Home Office does have its own Service Standards link below for straightforward applications which varies from 8 weeks to 6 months.

I have been to primary and secondary school here in the UK. If you are concerned that your case may be certified as clearly unfounded, you should set out why you should be granted an in-country right of appeal if your application is refused here.

how to write a letter to hm passport office

It may take several months for the complaint to conclude. Unfortunately, apart from applications under the EEA Regulations, there is no set time limit for the Home Office to comply with.

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5 Steps to Get a Quicker Decision from the Home Office