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I doubt that it can have any association with essays. Political party aspects on which the present investigation focuses are a amount of money spent on a local campaign, b the amount spent on different forms of advertising, c the number of active party workers, and d the socioeconomic composition of the registered party membership. You must beware of misusing it, and you should learn to use it sparingly. If you develop the habit of using a thesaurus, you will also learn to enjoy writing essays. In its index, you find enjoy with the number , which has to do with physical pleasure. Here are the answers to four questions about this treasure. The first replacement—delight in—is fair, but, really, the second replacement is unsuitable. A Roget-type thesaurus has a classification system, as I mentioned a moment ago. Using a synonym that might have other implied meanings could result in your saying something that you did not intend. Many items in free article directories by writers whose first language is not English suffer with such overuse and misuse. It needs to be replaced. At , you find the idea of pleasure again but more than physical pleasure.

I need to luxuriate in a cup of coffee. The purpose is to rule out unintended meanings that readers might reasonably assume unless they are told otherwise.

There is something about finding new words that excites me and makes me enjoy what I am doing. What are your reasons for your choice?

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Bear in mind that it is not always necessary to find a replacement word. Too many thesaurus-found synonyms in one essay could have an adverse effect.

If you develop the habit of using a thesaurus, you will also learn to luxuriate in writing essays. Will it change the meaning of what I am trying to say?

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