Why some products fail to impact

Crystal Pepsi is another good example.

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But if a product could sell on its own or easily, there would not be so many product failures around us. After the open-ended responses, subjects responded to likert type statements relating to the extent the actual results matched their expectations and their level of satisfaction.

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Therefore the total number of thoughts generated when taken as a measure of cognitive activity would be greater as involvement increased. Follow the trends that will affect jobs, investments and your purchases in 4 Industry-Changing Tech Trends. Thus H3 was not supported. Ask anyone what percentage of new products fail. The pull strategy is particularly useful for new products because it affects both distribution and promotion. Prohibitively Strong Branding A strong brand can be a blessing and a curse. To the extent that any causal search occurs, subjects who are more knowledgeable may be better able to correctly determine the underlying causes. It extends the Attribution Theory framework that has been used by other researchers e. Knowledge is also likely to impact the accuracy of the attributions. Subjects also responded to the statement measuring satisfaction with the outcome.

The Bottom Line Sometimes there's no accounting for the failure of a product. Then for each one, write down the main reason people buy and also why they should buy your product rather than the competition. For example, when TATA launched its Nano model, it was positioned as the next upgrade for a family with a two-wheeler.

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Folkes proposed an Attribution theory framework for predicting consumer responses to product failure. This paper reports preliminary results of an investigation currently in progress into these two issues by incorporating the concept of consumers' product involvement and product knowledge.

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Why Some Products Fail to Impact the Market Essays