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And in any case blogs, like comment sections, are a dying form.

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Numbered sentences add up to a list. Play, innovate, incite. More interesting than the responses I got for that particular question were the ways my students took to using Twitter after doing the activity.

With all the traffic streams available to me, I was completely overcome with indecision. In accordance to a survey, out of ten financial executive three of them consider that inappropriate use of social media sites can enhance the customer service of the organization.

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But again: Why do this on Twitter rather than any other medium or outlet? This was thought of as Twitter search engine. Why not write blog posts or magazine articles or newspaper columns or books? Composing a text-message or tweet is most certainly a literate and sometimes even literary act. Now, peer review. Fugitive thoughts quickly captured. But writing a Twitter essay turns writing closer to something like stand-up comedy or musical performance. Background More than five hundred million users have access to Facebook since it graduated from its college roots. To promote their firms and to reach customers, the social media networking is considered as beneficial by many of the organizations. His tweet is already so popular. Twitter also went on to have earlybird accounts, which users could follow to receive special offers from the company. I noticed tweeters like davidfrum would start numbering their Twitter storm, creating a clump: not a Twitter storm but a snow pile. E-mail shorthand fails to live up to the grammatical standards of typed or handwritten letters. Outside of any required class activity, one student tweeted, Rhetoric is a means by which humans imbue each other with their ideas.

One problem: keeping track of numbers. My students also decided to send replies or messages tagged for a particular Twitter user to one of the authors we were studying in class, Steven Shaviro, asking questions about and responding to his work in an attempt to bring him into the conversation we were having in class.

None of these sites would have emerged had it not been for the development of the computer, and then, the internet.

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How Twitter Makes You A Better Writer