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Troy is also a former baseball star in the Negro Leagues. He did not care for him so this in turn helped Lyons become more independent. Alternatively of believing what everyone around him is stating, he follows his ain ill-conceived way of psychotic belief, destroying his boies dream to play football and travel to college.

This quote gives an example of his strong masculinity characteristics. I believe Troy Maxson makes a great hero in this play. The following list is a summary of his basic ideas regarding the tragic hero: 1.


The last scene is on the day of the funeral of Troy Maxson. It is the sixth in Wilson 's ten-part "Pittsburgh Cycle". The calamity is that his household merely learns about this after until his decease and after the negative actions he did that rupture his household apart. My Nawnee was everything to me. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with this website. To me this is a heroic action because he can put aside his differences with his wife, and wake up to reality, Troy realizes that he has a kid and he can not take care of her, he has to give her to Rose and he will live on the streets just so she can be ok. There is no need to wear a mask, save the world, or have special powers. The reason for this action was clear.

Antigone: Tragic Hero Essay sovereignty and virtue against the law ,written by Sophocles. He decided to live by example and do the opposite of what his father did.

Although Creon and Antigone both show characteristics of a Greek tragic hero, Creon is the obvious choice because of his pride that causes him to suffer many tragic deaths within his own family. Alberta has her daughter but dies in the act of giving birth.

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She helped my mother raise me. The character must be viewed as a good person. According to Aristotle's Theory, there are a few major traits, which are required of the tragic character. Cory and Lyons also admired their father because in their eyes he was an excellent father figure. Leave the reader with something to ponder. There is some increase in awareness, some gain in self-knowledge, some discovery on the part of the tragic hero. Maybe he needed some father to son affection? He also stresses to his son that he provided for him but Cory does not take that into consideration because to him that was all materialistic.

He is steadfastly responsible in his responsibility towards his household as a supplier. Like all of the "Pittsburgh" plays, the play was written in The tragic hero is a character of noble stature that possesses greatness.

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The beginning scene is about Troy, who is a strong character, in full control of his life, his wife, and his son Cory.

Cory scolded his father for all his wrong doings and betrayals to the family.

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