The use of music as a form of expression

Expression allows for another to respond with empathy, understanding, and encouragement.

Expressing love through music

Conclusion The need to be self-expressive and feel heard is experienced by us all. It is a concrete example of accomplishment and success. Categorical perception is a creation of the mind, it's not in the physical stimulus. Indeed, although basic emotions do present different acoustic features Juslin and Laukka, ; Table 7 , it's clear that the acoustic patterns obtained do not always neatly correspond to categories. Expression allows for another to respond with empathy, understanding, and encouragement. Self-expression can help articulate their individuality and identify their sense of self. The relevant support comes from work that shows that vocal emotion expression is perceived categorically Laukka, Because of its evolutionary origin, this is the type of coding that will have the most uniform impact on musical expression. Music therapy techniques are determined based on the client's need, abilities, and interests. Looking at the rhythm of a piece, slow rhythms tend to be serious while quick ones tend towards light and frivolous. The argument is that this evolved tendency to interpret emotional meaning in sounds in terms of certain categories places some constraints on musical expression also. Categories According to categorical theories, people experience emotional episodes as categories that are distinct from each other, such as happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear, and interest Izard,

One way to reduce resistance to the notion of basic emotions amongst musicians could be to demonstrate their natural relationships to the everyday praxis of musicians, even in classical music. This presence allows us to get in touch with our emotions and express them.

musical expression

This is unfortunate, as it serves to obscure many of the issues under consideration. The reasons may be different, depending on who the skeptics are.

Music is a form of art

Why Music? That is, emotions show discreteness in terms of category boundaries, rather than continuity Haslam, It can serve as an "ice-breaker" or springboard for further exploration. I will show that iconically-coded expressions are intimately related to basic emotions. Sharing who we are, or what we are going through, with another person provides opportunity to receive support. Understanding the special interaction between the two may take us closer to understanding the fundamental nature of both. Again we should not get too hung up on the superficial labels used to refer to the underlying emotion categories 4.

In support, there is cross-cultural accuracy in decoding of basic emotions in vocal expression even in so-called traditional societies without any exposure to media Bryan and Barrett, As the 19th century developed, musical nationalism extended these emotions beyond the personal level to embodying the feelings of entire nations.

Exactly how much is enough to motivate a change in behavior?

expressing yourself through music

Recognizing emotions through music can help develop emotional intelligence.

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Musical expression