The strong desire of ntuc chief lim boon heng to take union leaders into conference to address the c

Although the historicity Alma mater Alma mater is an allegorical Latin phrase for a university, school, or college that one attended.

lim boon heng net worth

I have had careers in various companies within the co-operative movement. It is critical to maintain cost competitiveness, even as we implement longer-term strategies to restructure our economy.

The college said he was placed above two contemporaries who later became Professors of Law in Cambridge. The Business Times, p. These changes will help adapt the CPF scheme to our changing circumstances.

The first generation of union leaders envisioned and articulated the practice of tripartism. He obtained several scholarships, and came top in the School Certificate examinations ingaining the John Anderson scholarship to attend Raffles College now Raffles Institution Junior College.

The people and the workers of Singapore have proven, time and time, that we are able to face up to challenges squarely and emerge victorious. The co-operative took off and became very successful. There is still medical coverage when we are in-between jobs.

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