The state of democracy in ancient greece

The terrific economic impact of the Great Depression hurt democratic forces in many countries. This allowed Athens to practice the forms of democracy, though Rome ensured that the constitution strengthened the city's aristocracy.

Interactive maps let you zoom right into the center of Athens. To be fair, Athenians wanted their juries to reflect the general population. A more radical democracy, introduced by Pericles inis almost an inevitable result.

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Characteristics of athenian democracy

Caesar was awarded governor of two Gallic provinces what is now modern day France. The boule was a group of men, 50 from each of ten Athenian tribes, who served on the Council for one year. However, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe became undemocratic Soviet satellite states. In the prehistoric period, throughout Greece, aristocratic families have provided the main fighting force, as cavalry. After the death of Alexander the Great, the Athenians join other Greek states in an unsuccessful revolt against Macedonian rule. Yet, after the demise of Athenian democracy, few looked upon it as a good form of government. Editorial Review This Article has been reviewed for accuracy, reliability and adherence to academic standards prior to publication. His death gave Europe one of the first intellectual martyrs still recorded, but guaranteed the democracy an eternity of bad press at the hands of his disciple and enemy to democracy, Plato. A process of decolonization created much political upheaval in Africa, with some countries experiencing often rapid changes to and from democratic and other forms of government. Selection by lot[ edit ] The allotment of an individual was based on citizenship, rather than merit or any form of personal popularity which could be bought. His relations with Athens were already strained when he returned to Babylon in BC; after his death, Athens and Sparta led several Greek states to war with Macedon and lost.

They saw it as the rule of the poor that plundered the rich, and so democracy was viewed as a sort of "collective tyranny". In part, this was a consequence of the increasingly specialized forms of warfare practiced in the later period.

athenian democracy vs american democracy
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Athenian Democracy: a brief overview