Teaching foreign languages to young learners essay

Teaching foreign languages to young learners essay

Lowered English competency leads individuals to encounter difficulties comprehending and using the English language Learner and Johns, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Send us your writing samples for a free band score estimate or get a detailed analysis of your writing for a fee. It can be any modern or ancient foreign language and the focus should be on enabling pupils to make substantial progress in one language. Addison Wesley Longman limited. In the grammar class they just practiced the work sheets containing several grammar items provided by the teacher but they did not know how to use it in writing. One option could be for all children to start a new language at secondary school from scratch, avoiding the transition problems we mentioned above and which are so demotivating for children. But learners in the rural areas enter school with only their home language. It challenges and helps develop the growing brain to be able to problem solve The Brown V. Consequently, many models of language teaching delivery are currently used in schools, ranging from the employment of one dedicated language teacher for the whole school only viable in larger primary schools , the use of a peripatetic specialist teacher going from school to school, or, in many schools, the class teacher teaching the language, and perhaps learning it at the same time as the children. Teaching is hope for better, more successful futures. At the same time teachers should be alert while checking the task.

However, according to a recent survey children who are exposed to a foreign language at a young age can easily understand various cultures and traditions. Focussing less one-sidedly on a goal of linguistic proficiency would help mitigate some of the problems outlined above.

It was evident to me that students were not very enthusiastic or motivated in creative writing class, which was the basic requirement to learn any language skill.

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It seems that even an hour per week has the potential to awaken a lifelong interest in foreign languages, which must be welcome in a country where foreign language learning is undervalued and in crisis.

It is important to distinguish between children immersed in the new language they are learning, for example as immigrants in a new country, and children exposed to a foreign language in the classroom, a few hours a week at best, and usually less than an hour per week in the vast majority of English primary schools.

At a young age, children are enthusiastic to explore and to learn new things. How else can we continue to develop in such a technical world, or in any other way, for that matter.

After that I did brainstorming to get the ideas and asked students to come and write whatever they think about their home.

The American system bases the need for dual language learning on need of students to learn English and the advantages of a second language for well-off students and usually ends by late elementary school.

Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages? Some words were given below the p ictures to help the students.

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We use language for planning our lives and exchanging our ideas. Essentially, the skills of reading and writing come down to the ability to associate the sounds of a language with the letters or symbols used in the written form. Initially I provided written feedback wh ich according to Ken Hyland played a central role in most L2 writing class. If we think in terms of building a house then elementary teachers are in charge of laying the foundation. Learning language and in particular grammar takes us as humans back to our beginnings when we first were children appreciating the beauty of the world and trying to communicate with others They found that with the same amount of instruction, late starters were consistently faster and more efficient learners on all measures. In short, it leads to a better educational outcome.

Schools have had to deliver this initiative with no extra resources and inconsistent support.

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