Spongebob boating school essay episode

Okay, okay here we go. However, he has trouble thinking of what to write and gets distracted by his friends playing outside. SpongeBob: I know I have an essay to write.

Spongebob essay the copy and paste

Left behind with his grin frozen in place, SpongeBob rips his essay in half before he splits himself in half. Puff tells them the homework they have to do. I'm choking! SpongeBob feels responsible for Mrs. Puff: I'm sorry, SpongeBob. He looks outside the window to see that everyone else is having a carnival, Gary is playing the horn, and Patrick is massaging Sandy without her air suit but helmet. And karate chopping the TV! Best Lines: SpongeBob: Alright, put the money in the bag! The clock is shown. Now, come on, Gary. This'll be no problemo. Let's see, where are we? However, he does have to write an essay on what not to do at a stoplight in no less than words.

Any dreams you'd like to discuss? How am I going to write this whole paper in five minutes?

spongebob essay scene

I remember on this SpongeBob goes back to his desk SpongeBob: It should be against the law to have to write an essay on such a super sailorific, sunshiny day! Essay, I say: prepare to be written!

Spongebob procrastination deleted scene

However, one thing that SpongeBob has never been is a licensed driver, or boater as the case may be. We get an assignment! SpongeBob: Did you hear that? Roderick: No eating in my classroom! Patrick: Sleeping. We get an assignment! Suspicious, SpongeBob slowly heads back inside to find the newscaster on TV reporting on SpongeBob's unfinished essay. White or rye bread

SpongeBob wants to give him Chocolate Algae Bits dessertand then steps on the leftover food that Gary has made a mess on. And falling asleep SpongeBob rips the essay, and he is ripped in half by himself as well. Or some choco-flavored algae bits? Cut to Patrick in bed.

Another scenario that students should be quite familiar with.

Spongebob boating school essay episode
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