Sensory motor and integrative systems

Elongated, encapsulated receptors. More cortical area is devoted to those muscles involved in skilled, complex or delicate movements. Saucer-shaped, flattened free nerve endings.

Definition Pain is felt in superficial region but correlates to visceral trauma of organ, organ involved and area of pain usually served by same nerve of spinal chord.

Term Explain chronic pain. What are the different types? Pain Sensations Protective. Hair Root Plexuses Rapidly adapting touch receptors found in the hairy skin.

Fast adapting receptors. Motor block of efferent impulses 3.

which of the following receptors are slow to adapt

Slow pain: chronic, burning, aching or throbbing pain. Term Describe tendon organs. Are they slow or fast adapting? Neural circuits involving basal ganglia and cerebellum regulate activity of the upper motor neurons.

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16 [chapter 16 sensory, motor, and integrative systems]