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She ensured that her account was not left open before she left the lab. The requests can come from different not related sources hence it is a distributed denial of service attack. What are your views on usage of social media in office?

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This question could test either your powers of observation or your biases about people. I have completed formal training as a security guard and have a steady work history with my previous employers.

Talk about your good communication skills and be sure to say that you are a flexible person. This becomes an easy question if you have experience.

Your interviewer will want to assess whether you are likely to become distracted or even cause trouble during these periods. That does not mean you should prepare answers designed to present a false impression.

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Answer : Security guards need to be extremely vigilant as well as skilled in handling adverse situations. Jump to section: Operational and Situational questions Security Guard Interview Questions Security guards are your first line of defense for your premises, personnel and assets.

Above that, a corporate company will never ask for personal details on mail.

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Security Guard Interview Questions and Answers