Questions and answers on the chrysalids

What is the name of Davids community?

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They believe that David has insulted God, and that he has wished to be a mutant. He doesnt see the loving side of the religion, only the strict, ruthless side, which shows his own true charac teristics of love for power and shallow sense of the nature of evil.

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Why dont the Strorms announce the babys birth right away? What casual remark does David make in his home that alarms his family?

He dreams of a modern city, complete with tall buildings, care, and aircraft. Chapters 8.

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The spider man, Davids uncle, tells him to live with it, and orders the guards to force David to leave, or kill him. Uncle Axel, unlike Davids father, is very open-minded about mutancy, and is very concerned but has no intention of ever reporting the two.

Questions and answers on the chrysalids

How does this support Darwins theory of evolution, and how does this benefit the telepaths? Internal Man vs. What are some examples of Deviations? What is this society afraid of? The story takes place in Labrador, on the east coast of Canada, well into the future, many generations after a full-scale nuclear war. Davids father is out of control and has missed the po int of Christianity. Why are the stories about fringes people eating children a comment on religious mythology? What very unpleasant news does the New Zealand woman have about who can go with her? What story element is this? The spider man takes Sophie as a sexual lover, and he cares for her, but he is not faithful to her now that he has found Rosalind. When he realizes he is a mutant too, he is forced to confront his religious beliefs, and partly discard them.

Having established that unpleasant events are caused by evil, humans attempt to define indefinite evil in a definite form.

How is Michael always neat or at the top of his class, and the others able to learn from his school classes?

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Uncle Axel tells of his sea travels and the stories he has heard. Axel tells him that this is wrong, that God gave him that gift, and he should not ask god to take it away any more than ask God to take away his vision or hearing. The fringes people have captured them. Who is the new telepath? What is the meaning of the title, and how does it relate to the novel? What truth did the explorer Marther discover? She disdains them, and shows discrimination against them, as if they are animals, not deserving to live. What does Michael vow?

How does this support Darwins theory of evolution, and how does this benefit the telepaths?

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