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Then they use their claws to slowly push themselves across the ice. The facts can tell us. Many also believe by the yearthe population of polar bears will decrease by two-thirds. This has warmed up the waters and the fish of the ocean are now living in an environment that is too hot for them to live in.

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The bears inhabit the circumpolar North, which would consist of Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and other regions in the artic. The sharp claws help grip the ice.

Polar bear adults[ change change source ] Both male and female polar bears live to be as much as 30 years old in a zoo. A polar bear is pregnant with her babies for 8 months.

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While the main focus began with concentrating on the effects this long-term natural crisis would have on the human population, select groups have worked to approach the topic in a manner that entails prevention in order to help other animal and plant species around the globe. The cub leaves its mother in years. Climate change has social effects on aspects such as health, food production, and growth. This was coined in by Commander C. Polar bears live alone, during birth the bear cub lives with its mother for two and half years. Global warming has caused the polar bear population to decrease due to the results of having to swim longer distances, loss of habitat, and lack of mates to reproduce offspring. We have provided another set of ten lines on polar bear. Then, he swaggers along, growling, to scare off his rival. The Polar ears have gotten close to ft Their white fur helps them blend into the snowy landscape, helping to protect it. Polar bears have adapted to be able to live in the water and on land. The sharp claws help grip the ice.

Females breed about once every three years; therefore, there are about three adult males to every breeding female.

There are 21, to 28, Polar bears alive that are known.

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The Polar bear would patiently lie on its stomach with its mouth near the hole, waiting for any unfortunate seal to appear. The survival of the bears depends on their ability to compete with Mother Nature and starvation.

If they move, the mother disciples them, with a whack to the head.

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Polar Bears Essay Example