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Busam Overpopulation does not only affect our lives in means of physical surviving, but also endangers our educational development. There are three main organizational forms for this type of writing style.

Domino effect — This type of cause and effect statement would highlight the thing that caused the domino effect, as well as the thing at the end of the domino effect.

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One well-known method is called family planning. It is a complex, multi-faceted issue with a myriad of affecting factors. Deevey, E.

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Laws could be passed making birth control mandintory, similar to the laws in China. Education, economic activity, and changes in standards of living all play a part in the increase of population Commoner. Therefore, the problem of overpopulation needs to be solved in the nearest future. This is a serious issue that should be taken care of immediately. So it is one of the huge problems Human overpopulation - Wikipedia Human overpopulation occurs when the ecological footprint of a human population in a specific geographical location exceeds the carrying capacity of the Thesis Statement on Overpopulation: a curse - paper-research. By , it is predicted that population will reach up to Jakab Unlike the population growth, the food supply rises more slowly. Parfit, Derek. Uncontrolled, immature reproduction is a leading cause of overcrowding. At the beginning of the present century there were approximately 1. In the last two centuries, population has skyrocketed.

Global Population Concerns, n. You probably said no, but that is because you are not starving, and no one is inside of your personal space for now.

When writing an essay on overpopulation, you can suggest possible effective solutions that may change the situation for the better. The overpopulated world will soon suffer from this impact due to the lack of food, energy, and jobs.

All sources agreed that controlling birth rate and death rate would be the most effective way of stabilizing population.

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Overpopulation Essay