Nowadays online consumers rights and interests

After the pre-testing, two questions had to be rephrased.

Nowadays online consumers rights and interests

Other exceptions include: Goods that are made to your specifications or that are clearly personalised Audio or video recordings or computer software that has been unsealed by the consumer e. Water pollution, toxic chemical use and textile waste are just some of the costs to the environment that result from our love of fast fashion. Having in mind the online security aspects of the young educated Romanian consumers, the main results are the following see Fig. Consequently, for libraries and other books vendors, just as for event planners, event ticket sellers, electronics vendors and plane ticket vendors there is a market in Romania with a clearly high potential. The second objective of our study: the description of the most significant online acquisition habits and encountered problems of shopping online of the young educated Romanian consumers Taking into account online goods and services acquisition during - May , What unique benefits do you offer? Data analysis was carried out with the help of two computer programs SPSS The sampling accounted for respondents, all less than thirty years old and therefore part of Generation Y, clearly more and more targeted by companies. Take a page from Intel. Taking into account the main objectives of our study, it can be stated that: 1. The trader may first offer the consumer a repair or replacement, but if this is not possible or turns out to be unsatisfactory, the consumer may then seek to rescind the contract and ask for a full refund. However, it seems that all barriers to web purchasing mostly spin around safety issues.

Having in mind the online security aspects of the young educated Romanian consumers, the main results are the following see Fig.

The data was gathered through a questionnaire which had been pre-tested and then revised. We are clearly surprised by the high percentage Remember: If you shop from websites based outside the EU your European consumer rights will not apply and you may face unexpected customs and tax bills!

Deducted influences- value, attitude, motivation, lifestyle, usage patterns. The guide clearly points out the main rights of online European consumers European Commission, c.

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Additionally, 34 respondents 8. They actually know just one of their fundamental rights as online consumers statement 6. Show Comments. It would restore "net neutrality," making it a law, not a regulation that can be overturned with each new administration.

That discussion has only gained momentum in recent months as U. Showcase your products and inform your audience and interested buyers will find you.

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Consumers Going Green: Everything You Need to Know