Nanotechnology for africa development essay

The possibilities of using nanotechnology in medical sciences are endless, especially when it comes to targeting sicknesses, primarily cancer. Philosophers have struggled with the idea of happiness and the implications of what it means to want.

The technology and improvement of the nanotechnology with the techniques has led to forming structures that have sound and thermal properties. What if society and its environment could once again live in the Garden of Eden But that is a very big if.

Nanotechnology for africa development essay

Nobel Laureate, physicist Richard Feynman is credited by the scientific community as being the first scientist to recognize the significance of the nanoscale range American Elements, n.

The fresh water supply is already precarious. It must find the infected cells, administer the treatment, and then leave the body. In Neal Stephensons novel, The Diamond Age, one is shown how the technology of the time reshapes the political, economical and educational aspects of history.

The most popular tools of technology will incorporate nanotechnology.

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Together, these four historical mega-events will reverberate in various ways: food production will be unable to keep pace with demand, bringing on famine; fresh water supplies are already being depleted and poisoned worldwide, spreading famine and disease, which in turn reduce governmental stability; governmental instability leads to repression and armed conflict of every sort.

This methodical analysis will focus on the recent developments in nanotechnology-based diagnostics of bacterial pathogens in developing countries.

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The Development of Nanotechnology Essay