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The adult will need to use a few different methods aswell as opportunities to monitor the development of children and young people.

A parent and teacher are closely involved in the monitoring and the reviews of the child or young person. Formative assessment: There are many observ With the information that has been gathered, we then can begin to plan attainable targets for individuals in the form of an I.

Outcome 1 Understand the pattern of development that would normally be expected for children and young people from birth - 19 years.

It is important that all practitioners and parents work together to bring the four themes of the EYFS in action for all children. Some are very basic or cover a single situation or activity whereas others take into account a range of factors or involve observing a child regularly over a period of time to build up a picture of their stage.

On a daily basis, I will check reading diaries, to check if a child is reading at home. It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure that any concerns are reported to the health visitor. This kind of language has promoted the attitude that children or young people who have disabilities are individuals who in some way need to be corrected and brought into line in accordance with everyone else.

Assessment Frameworks The assessment framework is used to determine whether a child is in need and if so, the nature of their needs. Early intervention is crucial to lessen the delay of development. I will then find time to verbally feedback to the class teacher, or briefly record any observations, if I have noticed anything that concerns me.

My interaction with the children during lessons gives me a good picture of their development also. The adult may be asked to do a formal observation.

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Explain How to Monitor Children and Young People’s