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Jhumpa Lahiri Laihiri is well known for her novels, essays and short stories.

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The four Vedas were written in Sanskrit, and later an enormous corpus of literary works of various kinds, including the so-called Sanskrit Dramas, which will be discussed later, were written in Sanskrit. The great Tamil poet and journalist Subramania Bharari was from Madras.

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Otherwise, the Vedas mainly include invocations and hymns to the gods, ritual formulas, and short stories. From his unbeatable spirit to inspiring courage, from various controversies to his life as the father of the nation, Gandhi has always been an interesting, inspiring and impressive personality to read about.

Literary piece of india

The book touches upon the human angle and brings out the sense of reality and horror. Although he has been forgotten in much of the world and India he remains greatly loved among Bengalis in India and Bangladesh. This is most evident in the poetry of great masters such as Kabir a poet saint who helped introduce Sufi mysticism to wide audience among Muslims , Hindus and Sikhs. Join the conversation and let us know what you think of the list. There is nothing stronger than the power of words. By about the same time, the "sacred," "polished," or "pure" tongue--Sanskrit--used in religious rites had also developed along independent lines, changing significantly from the form used in the Vedas. The Arthashastra, the treatise on politics and administration, on the other hand, gives detailed information about the role of different kinds of performers in the ideal, yet highly hierarchical, society described in this manual written in the 4th century B. The book travels to various parts of the country including Kashmir, Agra and Mumbai and incorporates many actual historic events. The story may have contributed to the use of the word "sambo" as a racial slur. Tagore was good friends with Satyajit Ray.

The story revolves around abolition of princely states in India, focusing on the life of a King and his fascination towards one of his mistresses. Under the Guptas, the Ramayana and the Mahabharta were finally written down in the A.

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The novel had won the Booker Prize in He initially started his career as a lawyer after which he got the opportunity to become the editor of important journals and magazines.

The story is set in Burma and focuses on various issues during the British invasion in After the runaway success she wrote many other novels which are famous throughout the Indian continent and the world. The Inheritance of Loss is both local and international, and like many other Indian Novels, explores the consequences of colonialism and present-day globalisation upon a once-isolated pastoral life.

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It always takes a lot of time to decide which book to pick as there are thousands of options available. These mythologies were further elaborated in the early centuries A. Ruskin Bond Bond was born in Punjab, British Indian and attained his education in Shimla and after completion of high school he moved to the U. Degree in The story is traditional performed at night in front of a huge illustrated scroll and it can take up to a week to relate. Tagore's Life Tagore was born in north Calcutta on May 6, into one of the richest and most progressive families in Bengal. The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai Advertisement This book takes you on a journey…a journey across the geography of India, a journey across the minds and hearts of people. The Guide — R. The Buddhist Jataka or Birth Stories are morally instructive stories that came about at different times, in which the main character is an animal, a human being or a superhuman being seeking to do good. When she is not preaching others about a better India she is busy watching movies and playing video games.
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