Knowability thesis

Mackie, J. Why should we grant that the intuitionistic treatments of non-omniscience and undecidedness are better than our initial common-sense treatments?

Burgess, J.

sep fitch paradox

Were Sussie to have taken the class, the expression would have been about her. He also points out that TKP, rather than the unrestricted KP, serves as the more interesting point of contention between the semantic realist and anti-realist.

The most important alleged consequence of the position is that classical logic is not unrestrictedly valid. Paseau, A. It is possible to know that the reinterpreted conjunction is true. Paradox regained. Murzi, J. Even Ben Franklin, the actual inventor of bifocals, might not have invented them.

It may be contended that this rule does not faithfully translate the idea that all truths are knowable, and that rule C should not apply unrestrictedly. By the lights of one living with contradiction, it may not follow that an inconsistent statement is impossible even if it is necessarily false.

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Fitch's paradox of knowability