Internship project report on marketing of software products

Waterfall discourages revisiting and revising any prior phase once it's complete. Questions were asked to the supervisor and CTO of the company to learn the effective way to create the responsive website.

Their plan are: Generating new ideas Developing user friendly apps Building their own app market 51 P a g e Recommendation: There is a lot of possibility in the software industry for Bangladesh. Simplicity: Emphasis is on keeping things as simple as possible and being open to change.

The website was effectively optimized so that its presence had been highly significant on the search engine, with a good content, proper placement of keywords, and appreciable number of visits to inbound links, hits, clicks and impressions.

The experiences we have gathered will be very helpful in the professional life.

Internship report on software testing

See to it that your chosen niche is popular, but not too saturated. Quality assurance QA and testing are extremely crucial in the software development cycle and should be introduced at the earliest stage of the project. The exposure to the practical environment has increased experience and confidence to deal with various organizational communications with the customer. Help our clients grow in their key markets period. The method involves the examination of many types of evidence, as well as interviews with program leaders, quality assurance and configuration management personnel, and organization and project practitioners to demonstrate standard processes are being followed. SEO Search Engine Optimization concept is used for better ranking of websites in search engines that make these websites feasible to offer easy access to the users. Scrum masters serve a facilitator role and their authority is mostly indirect. Take your customers seriously. Building on the contributions of the open-source Linux community and more than hardware, software, and carrier partners, Android has rapidly become the fastest-growing mobile OS. Recently they have started some e-services like online application, directory, appointment application to government officers etc. We worked with the part of Mobile Application Development team and generated ideas based on smartphones. For further details please visit the SEBI website.

The involvement in the preparation of the internet marketing plan for the TechRoadians was another important role of the author as an intern.

At the end of UTI had Rs. Because they were very busy, we had difficulties in meeting and gathering information from them. This internship report describes different functionalities that the system includes.

internship report bba marketing

It has many dimensions of bioinformatics and medical informatics researches. Ideally, offer users a free trial edition of your app. Strengthened by a strong team of experienced professionals DataSoft has a unique approach towards continuous training and development of human resources to adapt to the market demands for the national and international venues.

People should be able to access different information for different development and changes.

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(PDF) Internship Report at Software Firm