Hsc 36 explain how and why person centred values must influence all aspects of health and social car

four principles of person centred care

Advice should always be sought from your supervisor before any changes are made and any changes recorded. Decorated with service user choice- ensure service users have been involved in choosing how things are decorated. For example: it is not just about feeding a person so they are nourished but allowing the person to choose what they want to eat, when they want to eat, allowing them to feed themselves as much as possible, in an area where they are comfortable eating so you are making sure they are comfortable in every way, physically, mentally and emotionally as much as you possibly can.

person centred care

Outcome 1 Understand person centred approaches for care and support. To work in a person centred way you have to develop a clear understanding about the individuals you are supporting. It is important not to stereotype or make assumptions about individuals and their needs.

explain the importance of an assessment being person centred

Risk assessments can enable individuals in ways that could be deemed as too risky i. It means putting the individual and their families at the centre of decisions and seeing them as experts, working alongside professionals to get the best outcome.

Use own role and authority to support individuals right to make choices

You have the freedom to make choices every day about how you live your life. It will also tell you how to do some tasks where these tasks have been risk assessed and the best option has been established. PWSC If an individual thinks they are a good person and are given the opportunity to grow and experiment with who they want to be, then they will grow in confidence and care about how they present to others in their appearance, behaviour and give back to the community around them. On the basis of the eight values of person-centred approach: Individuality: Assumptions should never be made about an individual. Partnership: Working in partnership with other professionals, with colleagues, families and carers is an essential part of providing care and support. We can now put something in place for Alice so she can pour hot water sadly, so she has made that step closer to independence and caring for herself. You should always reflect on and celebrate the diversity of the people you are supporting. In order to clearly explain the benefits of interagency partner in health and social care I will look at some real life situation case study and show how the agencies collaborate to focus on the holistic wellbeing of the patient. It focuses on the need and the best way to get the need of the individual met. You must ensure that the person still retains control and is able to make choices about what they want to do. Just because a group of people have the same condition, this does not mean they need the same care, as everyone is different.

Independence: Allow the individuals you support to do things for themselves, however small. Taking risks is part of being able to choose and being in control of your life, it is important that concerns about risks do not get in the way of people living their lives in the way they want to.

This is not in their best interest, it is in the best interest of the person pressurising them. Humans are holistic beings and need to be treated with respect, dignity and supported to be as independent as possible to care for themselves in the best possible way.

You should always knock on doors prior to entering. It is defined as a ''purposeful form of communication used in the helping relationship'' Ruesch cited in Arnold and Boggs , p It focuses on the need and the best way to get the need of the individual met. Many times a risk assessment can make it possible for someone to do something that seemed unlikely in the beginning. Independence makes people feel in control of their lives and gives them a sense of self-worth. All of these factors contribute to overall wellbeing in how they can express themselves, feel about themselves, are perceived by others and will effect if they feel happy and good about themselves on a day to day basis. When working with other people or professionals, never ignore the individual you are supporting. The risk assessment contains information about the individual and the type of care and support they need. Case Study John is a 69 years old man and he lives alone. The establishment of a nurse-client relationship was a key Cognitively helping someone find an activity they enjoy which will keep their mind active such as crosswords or reading. Take time to enable the individuals you support to be independent. They should be given enough information to make informed choices themselves and you must acknowledge the benefit of their choices. They value helping others as well as receiving help themselves.
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