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If there is no meaning or emotion behind the work, there is no driving force and nothing will be able to move this forward, only sideways with no destination to reach. Students must select and respond to one starting point from their chosen title.

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Component details Component 1: Portfolio The content of the portfolio will be determined by the particular requirements and nature of the course of study undertaken. The work submitted for this component will be marked as a whole.

They might, however, help you along by pointing out which are your strongest areas and suggesting that you use certain styles and mediums in your exploration as these best showcase your artistic ability.

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Whether you have already decided that you are going to specialise in Painting, Graphic Design, Photography, Textiles or Sculpture, selecting the topic to go along with this is where most students struggle. As a result of being given a subject by the examiners, you should ensure that the pages in your sketchbook from start to finish respond in some way to this theme, eventually communicating your intentions for your final piece.

Student pen and coloured ink wash study of a stone tower.


Students may discuss their starting points with the teacher. If you are getting close to the exam period and you are starting to feel a bit on edge about your choices when it comes to your final piece, then run your ideas and concerns past your art instructor, your family and your friends to see if they can offer you some encouragement or constructive criticism.

This choice is therefore very well-suited to those wishing to fulfil a career in advertising.

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