How to write a press release statement

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How does it help your readers? Your PR's boilerplate information should talk briefly about the company -- its merits and achievements.

A well-written press release also helps you control your story.

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This can help establish you as an expert in your field. Clearly explain what your company does and why its stakeholders are experts in the industry. This is also the place to include a quote from the main subjects involved in the news. Be sure to use the most relevant and exciting information that will keep your readers reading. You might be an app developer whose startup Apple just bought. End with your boilerplate: Provide a brief background and overview of the company. It is customary to finish the release with —ends- so the journalist knows it has finished. Add Your Current Contact Information Once journalists or customers read your press release, they may want to know how to contact you.

You need a press statement when you're already in the news, for better or worse. As we stated before, a release should offer something newsworthy, but it also helps to make the writing interesting. This is why companies and marketers often hire experts and journalists to write press releases for them.

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Cut it out wherever possible. Click To Tweet 7. How to Write a Statement Statements from you personally should always be written in the first person.

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Keep It Brief.

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How to write a basic media release