How to write a change of business name lettering

Company name change letter to employees

This is excellent for busy, inbox-overloaded subscribers who might not have time to actually open or keep what they might assume is another marketing message. Using the old sender name gives customers a chance to associate both Storenvy Printing and Threadbird Printing as one and the same company prior to sending under the new Threadbird banner. Some people are simply averse to change, especially your loyal customers. You might think that sending your business letter changing company name via email is the quickest way to spread the word. If you typically communicate with vendors and other businesses this way, an email supplementing your letter acts as a reminder for them to update your company information in their database or other electronic records, as well. The following are some of the best practices for writing an announcement email that deals with new company details such as a name change or rebranding. Immerse your subscribers in your new branding right away in your announcement email so they can familiarize themselves with your makeover.

In fact, a concise letter with just the necessary information will be better received and recalled by your recipients. How Should the Letter Be Sent?

company name change announcement letter

Brand familiarity is crucial for building customer attachment and trust. You should also check out this other helpful content. There are some drawbacks to using this method, though, that make sending a printed letter a more suitable approach. Enclosed you will find a loyal customer discount coupon.

Send multiple emails from a familiar address. Changing company name alone is not enough. What do you think they would want to know and how can you get that across through email? How do you write an effective announcement letter using email marketing?

Play up your new branding.

Company name change announcement to customers

Sincerely, Bill Robinson Owner Finally, you may wish to purchase or create company letterhead to use temporarily that includes your new business name as well as your former name, such as Diamond Landscaping Architecture, formerly Expert Lawn Architecture. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Article first published in November , updated April Are you looking towards changing your company name? Letters sent through the postal mail can be forwarded to new addresses or returned to you if there is a problem. Enclosed you will find a loyal customer discount coupon. Thanks for your continued business. Threadbird provides an excellent company announcement email template. Include your current business name as well. It contains a personal message from the CEO. You should also check out this other helpful content. You may wish to follow up with an email to ensure your contacts received the letter. Are you announcing company detail changes, new products , promotions, new locations, or something else?

State the date that the change will go into effect, how checks to your company should now be written and any other pertinent details including a new address or change in ownership.

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How Do You Write an Announcement Letter (That’s Actually Effective)?