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Cons Colorful Seasons has a lot of useful features, but there are some shortcomings here you need to be aware of. The higher the heat, the stronger the curl will essentially be. If you are looking to buy a hair flat iron, we strongly recommend Herstyler Colorful Seasons.

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When searching for the ideal flat iron to add to your beauty tool collection , a good start is to look for something called Nano Smart technology. The best part…? No damage to hair, you can use it on damp hair but NOT on wet hair. Some of them had thick curly hair and confirmed the flat iron did really straighten their hair and made it smooth and silky. No frizzy or dried feeling whatsoever! Ensures even heat distribution to have silky smooth shiny hair. Pros and Cons of the Herstyler Colorful Seasons There are many features here that make the Colorful Seasons a good choice for those looking for a dependable straightener.

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Cons of Herstyler Colorful Seasons Complete Set I need to show you some cons in the Herstyler flat iron feedback so that you can make the right decision. Even better, the slender design of the flat iron lets maneuvering it easily even if you have small hands.

Suitable for any hair types including fragile and damaged. The five heat settings straight your hair without any fuss; even the highest temperature will not burn your hair.

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Herstyler Flat Iron Review