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Zulfahmi led for most of the race, but finished second behind team-mate Sandro Cortese, after Cortese made a final-lap pass. Besides Indonesia, Sheila Majid also has a strong following in Japan and still remains the only Malaysian recording artist to do so. Hailed as the "doyenne of Singapore writers", Lim has published nine collections of short stories, five novels, two poetry collections, and numerous political commentaries to date. Since her debut, she has won a number of international singing competitions. He is widely known for directing the horror film Saw and creating Billy the puppet. He won a seat in the Kedah State Legislative Assembly in This change in the Government's cabinet was brought about by the controversy of the Home Insulation Program. Her win in the professional modelling contest jump started her fashion career. He returned to parliament in the next general election, and led the DAP to its strongest ever performance in the general election.

He is an automotive journalist who writes about cars and the automotive industry in his blog, paultan. Vijayaraghavan Actor Vijayaraghavan is an Indian actor who mainly acts in Malayalam cinema. He held the post for 22 years from tomaking him Malaysia's longest serving Prime Minister.

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He was first elected to parliament in as the representative for Jelutong, Penang, and held the seat for more than 20 years until losing it in He assumed the Chief Minister post at the age of She gained popularity playing the main character in the drama series Qalesya which aired throughout Ramadan month on Astro Prima in and This contest was a search for models from across the globe in hopes of finding a brand ambassador for Guess Watches.

He was the Malaysian Finance Minister, the Trade and Industry minister, the former chairman of the World Bank, former chairman of Asian Development Bank, former chairman of Islamic Development Bank and the founder and former chairman of Malaysian oil company, Petronas.

Famous person in malaysia
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