Exploring the main theme in william shakespeares a midsummer nights dream

Among the patterns within the play, one is controlled and ordered by a series of contrasts: the conflict of the sleeping and waking states, the interchange of reality and illusion, and the mirrored worlds of Fairy and Human.

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Lysander clearly stated loves situation when he told Hermia "the course of true love never did run smooth" Griffiths Though true love seems to be held up as an ideal, false love is mostly what we are shown.

Weakness of Love The second idea, the weakness of love, comes in the form of fairy magic. Despite all of this, there are still those people out there that believe in love at first sight and love being blind Finally, Shakespeare provides two examples of choosing powerful unions over amorous ones.

Without the restoration of natural order, the happiness of the play's ending could not be complete. They behave as individuals in the play, they also act as a group when they represent the theme of young love.

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Both plays have a distinct pair of 'lovers', Hermia and Lysander, and Romeo and Juliet, respectively. The play is quite confusing. It has been interpreted as a romantic story in which love ultimately conquers all odds, but it's actually about the importance of power, sex, and fertility, not love. Shakespeare uses magic both to embody the almost supernatural power of love symbolized by the love potion and to create a surreal world.

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