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In my opinion, what set the stage for …show more content… He flashes back to show that he actually just danced in dirty pool halls as a little kid with his friend Cosmo. There are famous people all around and their fans are loving every second of it.

As well as starring in this brilliant movie, Gene Kelly teams up with Stanley Donen to make their mark in film history. The third segment of the flashback is inside a tavern of most likely the 's.

Charles has not spoken with his father for many of years and his father lives in Cincinnati, Ohio I sat at the table and looked at the rain through the windows.

Also how the relationship of Don and Lina began and continued up to the present.

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The movie is set in and it takes a look at Hollywood's reaction when sound was first introduced into the film industry. It could also symbolise the stages of the river in which it suggests the development of the river from it's source to where it gets strong. In my opinion, what set the stage for the level of entertainment that this movie contains is the opening scene.

A young Don and Cosmo sneak into the movie theater to see a horror movie that they would normally not be able to see. As Lockwood and Lamont exit their luxurious ride they are received lovingly by everyone.

The basic principles of sound, editing, mise en scene, and cinematography collectively give this opening sequence a memorable quality that is without match.

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Analysis of Singin in the Rain Essay