Essays on medical errors

Estimates are that more than a hundred and forty thousand people died from the adverse consequences of medical errors worldwide in People are now becoming more aware of the issue and are demanding for more care and safety.

But this issue or problem has been neglected and have not given the deserved consideration and attention.

Essays on medical errors

Medical errors are not a new issue in our healthcare system; these have been around for a long time. Health practitioners become dissatisfied as well.

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This results in making medical errors the fifth largest reason behind the death. Adherence …show more content… Communication is a key function for nurses in providing safe and effective healthcare to their patients, and includes communicating effectively with patients and other healthcare team members.

Medical errors have led to increased medical care expenses, and disability. She waited several hours to get access to an anesthesiologist to receive medical care before her surgical procedure.

Preventive medical errors include the failure to provide prophylactic treatment, and inadequate monitoring or follow-up of treatment.

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Causes of Medical Errors Medical errors could be caused by several factors but are mostly common with medical personnel that lack adequate level of experience or expertise.

Factors that can contribute to errors include illegible handwritten drug orders, confusing drug names, and the use of nonstandard or unclear abbreviations Neal, With so many motivations to write about medical error in Saudi Arabia among health government plus privet hospital about medical errors Medical errors are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer in America Allen, They provide overall care and treatment to the patients.

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