Essay on my last weekend

When my father returned with the tickets, he looked as if he had won a lottery, we all shouted happily on seeing him.

my best weekend ever essay

At eleven in the evening, I left for the Easter service. Are those changes the same in your language? My mother got impatient and wanted to drop the idea but the kids did not let her change the programme. It was a great weekend.

We went out at Juhu beach and had fun like we used to have in the old times.

this is how i spent my weekend

In the evening Leo phoned. I remember! Even those who enjoy their job need a peaceful break. The service was held during the night, and at the end of the session, there was a solemn consecration of Easter baskets. We had dinner.

How i spent my weekend essay for class 2

Then we went down on a slide, zoom Splashing into the water. I had a lot of fun! We went to the cinema. Short paragraph on why i went to your students to use the kids last thing off. The sun had started setting signaling the end of the day. Then we hired a cab to visit places where we spend out childhood. I was full of peacefulness, joy, and love. And you can be with me what did you do yesterday?
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Essay on last weekend