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Inspections by External Entities Many types of elective inspections or audits are conducted by outside experts, regulatory agencies, emergency responders, or other organizations. Faculty, staff and students shall have or be provided the knowledge to protect themselves from hazards in their working and learning environment. Fire blankets are available in the laboratory, as required. Include a reasonable time line for corrective actions. Individuals who volunteer or are selected to perform inspections for only a brief time may not learn enough about an operation or procedure to observe and comment constructively. Laboratory chemical hoods have been tested and are operated with inspection information visible, hoods are used properly, work is conducted inside 6 in. The University believes that it can achieve its educational, research, and service mission only by creating and sustaining an environment in which students, faculty, and staff represent diversity, for example, of social backgrounds, economic circumstances, personal characteristics, philosophical outlooks, life experiences, perspectives, beliefs, expectations, and aspirations, to mention some salient factors. Immediately notify appropriate personnel. Eyewash units are available, inspected, and tested on a regular basis. If the problem is corrected during the inspection, make a note that it was resolved.

Complete an accident report Figure 2. Fire blankets can be used to wrap a burn victim to douse flames as well as to cover a shock victim and to provide a privacy shield when treating a victim under a safety shower in the event of a chemical spill.

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When transporting several containers, use carts with attached side rails and trays of single piece construction at least 2 in. A photograph is much more effective than a long explanation in convincing a manager that something needs attention. Systems of Communication Managers and supervisors, both faculty and staff, shall establish, implement and maintain a system for communicating with employees and students about health and safety matters. Safety training should be viewed as a vital component of the laboratory safety program within the organization. All accidents involving personal injury, however slight, must be immediately reported according to your institution's procedure. Safety showers are available and tested routinely. This driveway is the EHS parking lot.

Additional training should be provided to laboratory personnel as they advance in their laboratory duties or when they are required to handle a chemical or use equipment for the first time. Most laboratory workers should be able to clean up incidental spills of the materials they use.

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In simple terms it is what organizations must do to make sure that their activities do not cause harm to anyone. This driveway is the EHS parking lot. They can discuss with individual workers issues of interest or concern that may fall outside the scope of the actual inspection. Facility engineers or maintenance personnel may add considerable value to safety inspection programs. Safety staff are not the only nonlaboratory personnel who may conduct safety inspections. As an incentive, any violations noted in the self-audit may result in reduced or waived fines and fewer visits from the agency inspectors. If a pending operation or facility change may raise public attention and concern, an invitation targeted to specific people or groups may prevent problems. In cases of dispute, an order to curtail or shutdown will remain in effect until the Provost or the Vice Provost and Dean of Research or their respective designates determine in writing that the danger has passed or been mitigated or that the order should be rescinded for other reasons. Fire blankets should never be used on a person when they are standing. Back to top 4.

Use spill pillows or spill absorbent and nonsparking tools to soak up the solvent as quickly as possible. If necessary, turn off power to the laboratory at the circuit breaker.

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Still, EHS management is not limited to legal compliance and companies should be encouraged to do more than is required by law, if appropriate. Although most inspection forms are paper, some are computer based.

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The training should be recorded and related documents maintained in accordance with organizational requirements. Do not attempt to clean up the spill.

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Environment, health and safety