Education for the future essay

Getting an education should be a choice to benefit our society than a privilege E-learning is much more affordable for people with limited budget Distant learning enables to mix study, work and family duties, and maintain the balance between them Physical presence is not required, so learning becomes affordable in any corner of the world.

Their primary job will be to guide students in the areas where they need guidance as innovators. Without education, society will fall apart.

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I feel that being involved in the medical field will give me the opportunity to give something back to my community. I also found to be aware of that before passing on my own personal values and attitudes of indigenous cultural competence to the children through utilizing language, materials, activities, curriculum preferences and my interaction with others during the activity times child Australia, Montessori believed in the worthiness, value and importance of children.

The Future of College Education Essay words - 9 pages continues to get more and more expensive it becomes apparent that the current model of traditional college educate is unsustainable for the next generation.

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The excuse for not being able to find the answer or solution is not accepted any longer, as students can find any answer on their own. If I give a look back on my life, I hope I would have achieved putting more effort than I did before in learning English. Women also were debarred from education.

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Future Education Essay