Diversity tolerance essay

As diverse populations continue to grow in the U. Inter-Group Contact: There is evidence that casual inter-group contact does not necessarily reduce inter-group tensions, and may in fact exacerbate existing animosities.

Examples of tolerance

As diverse populations continue to grow in the U. It what ways have these experiences altered their way of life for better or worse? James and Prout developed six central tenets, or principles, about how children should be understood. Diversity can also be of the physical body or psychosocial characteristics, such as race, age, gender, ethnic variations, or sexual orientation Yukl, So people will learn their lesson to stop cyber bullying. It has been posited that the promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions lies at the heart of the society. The result is continuing inter-group violence. The United States government has recognized one week a year as international education week, encouraging schools, organizations, institutions, and individuals to engage in projects and exchanges to heighten global awareness of cultural differences. The University of Tennessee at Knoxville has notoriously had one of the worst recruiting efforts for diversifying undergraduates. Avoid groupthink where everyone shares the same beliefs or think they do. In my issue paper, I will explore the idea of diversity, its benefits, and how it can be included within key sectors of the business world. I grew up in Seattle during the de-segregation, and it was normal for me to be the only black kid in my class. Or consider this: Why must we take precautions against disruptions when we invite Tony Blair or Ralph Reed to speak but not Bill Clinton?

The diverse workforce include there mains components which are racial and ethnic minorities in the United States; people emigrate from their own country to another country; and people who have physically or mentally disabled.

Every college and university has Democrats and Republicans, environmentalists and developers, occupiers and capitalists, vegetarians and carnivores, and fans of Fox News and NPR. Businesses that develop this type of culture are more apt to implement new products and process innovations Entirely for this instance, diversity only matters to an extent.

It is the ability to exercise a fair and objective attitude towards those whose opinions, practices, religion, nationality and so on differ from one's own.

Diversity tolerance essay

For instance, the assortment of cultures expand as the immigration rate rapidly increases in countries such as the U. For example, a study conducted on stereotypes discovered people of specific towns in southeastern Australia did not agree with the negative stereotypes of Muslims presented in the media.

tolerance is essential for peace and harmony

It is fair enough to be different, but over-emphasizing diversity can divide communities, citizens, and students rather than unify them.

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Essay on promoting a diversity of ideas in higher education