Design and build procurement method

The main benefits associated with this approach as espoused by [ 10 ] are: full integration between design and construction through collaborative working, overlapping of the design and procurement without risk of un-priced design development, the reduced need for an additional shadow design team especially where the original team is "novated" and progressive co-ordination.

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Competitive Fairness and Satisfactory Public Accountability 9. Major Banks such as Barclays, Stanbic, Cal-Bank, National Investment Bank, and many others are constructing new branches in other parts of the country as quickly as possible.

An alternative approach to effectuating this delivery structure is for the architect to contract directly with the owner to design and build the project, and then to subcontract the procurement and construction responsibilities to its allied general contractor, who enters into further subcontracts with the trades.

It was observed that the main of novation are less control over design quality and less flexibility. So it follows that for the broadest range of building projects, the rigors of architect-led design—build is compelling and preferable where design is of paramount importance to the client.

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This appears to be mainly driven by an attempt by the industry to increase the level of integration in what is generally viewed as a fragmented industry.

Form of Contract It is also reckoned that the DBB system of procurement will continue to dominate the Ghanaian construction industry largely because of the statutory backing that it receives as against other alternative procurement approaches.

Design and build procurement method

It is important to note that with the current trends and requirements of the constructions industry in the world over and Ghana in particular, the traditional system of procurement may have to studied and reviewed as the main procurement option for delivering construction projects. Type Design and build procurement method in practice : key challenges and practice based enablers Muriro, A , Design and build procurement method in practice : key challenges and practice based enablers , PhD thesis, University of Salford, Manchester. The extent of design work carried out by the contractor usually depends on the level of preparatory designs commissioned by the employer. The exploration adopted in this research involves identification and evaluation of challenges encountered by key participants clients, contractors and designers. The design and build procurement method is an excellent option that can streamline the building process while giving you greater say over the end product. Key advantages appear to be the following: single point responsibility for the whole project delivery encompassing design and construction, early contractor involvement resulting in potential cost savings and earlier completion, easy constructability and minimisation of design and construction risk to clients. However, in a design and build project, some of these phases may overlap, as the contractor is heavily involved in and responsible for the architectural design.

Given this co-ordination and single point responsibility, variations during construction tend to be fewer and risk of post-contract price escalations are reduced [ 8 ].

Disadvantages of Design and Build Procurement 6.

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Where the design—builder is a general contractor, the designers are typically retained directly by the contractor. The sequence of these phases which include brief, design, tendering and construction is illustrated in the diagram figure 10 below.

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Next up is technical design, which addresses more specific aspects of the structure. The better you understand the process and the differences between design-build and traditional construction, the better you can assess which approach is best for your construction project. At this point, the contractor assumes total responsibility for undertaking the outlined design and for the construction of the bespoke project, including the integration and co-ordination of the entirety of the process. Whether you prefer the design and build procurement method or wish to work with a separate designer, you can count on our team of experts at Peak Steel Contractors for assistance with your large-scale steel project. This means the design rightly does not incorporate inputs from the contractor on materials and methods constructability that could improve the building's design, functionality, and cost. Once the main contractor or the contracting organisation takes sole responsibility for both the design and construction, the contractual and functional relationship between the construction team becomes simpler when compared with most other procurement systems. Unwieldy Variations DBB system is also characterized by huge and unwieldy variations especially in the case of public clients. It is particularly associated with developing and operating facility eg hotel, mine, power plant, water station etc and functions as a turnkey contract when it is expected to commission the facility.

It is the "flip side of the coin" of the contractor-led approach described above in which the general contractor subcontracts the design to the architect. Architect as a subcontractor: Here, the architect is one of the many subcontractors on the team led by the contractor.

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How to Understand the Design and Build Procurement Method Benefits