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The African leaders were ready to do whatever it took to fight the Europeans. Samuel Mahereros opinion that the African leaders needed to resist the Europeans was influenced by his attempt to be obedient to the Germans, which failed, and his observance that the Germans would show no mercy to the Africans.

After the Berlin conference, European powers occupied and colonized areas in Africa, in order to gain resources.

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The form must have enraged the rulers that the Europeans would not even treat the African rulers as individuals, and this must have caused them to call together all their resources to fight the Europeans.

Excellent work. To improve the understanding of African reactions and responses to the Scramble for Africa, additional documents would be helpful.

The Ethiopian painting illustrated how the Ethiopians had plenty of guns and men to fight against the Italians Doc. The Africans did three things to try to stop the Europeans.

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The Scramble For Africa Essay Example