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The tempo, ideally, should relate to the overall rhythm of the piece. This emphasis conveys mood, emotion and meaning to the listener. Welfare home? Charlie Hannah, just read it. No longer in the mornings does the neighbourhood rejoice To his hippopotamusically-modulated voice. It makes the text the child is performing more interesting and sucks the audience in to listen to what the readers are saying. Honk, honk! Choc-ices, choc-ices, lovely choc-ices. She has overcome her challenges by standing up for herself. Mmm yum yum yum L No No No! This extracts one voice from the main voice and can be effective in the right context. Solo: What? Clean the dorm, sweep the floor, clean the windows, hang the cloth… If not the cloth will be thorwn by the prefect onto the badminton court! Office Raj opens his mail in office and exclaims: Wow!!

We've been beseiged by a horde of savages! My tummy is grooring Are you listening? The key is to experiment until you have achieved your intention for the piece.

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The Pleasures of Being Fat Most of us weary mortals know What a nuisance, a trial, a torture In fact, what an absolute bore it is to be fat Oh, you may try to fool others And others may succeed in fooling you By saying you are Buxom, cuddly, generously-proportioned. Do you know something?

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I only hit the traffic lights. Attention to hostelies!

Choral speaking essay

They loll and slop and lounge about, And stare until their eye pop out. We had a hippopotamus, we loved him as a friend But beautiful relationships are bound to have an end. Choral speaking is turning a text or reading into performance this is done through the use of the elements of drama. To find out more about this celebration, read on. O Her most distinct feature was her icy blue eyes. Rhythm: Rhythm reflects patterns of sound. My cloth!

While two shops away in the eerie darkness, A coffin lies waiting for the same customers. It can't be! This is a group chat between a teacher and students talking about what they think of doctors.

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Choral speaking