Chapter 3 of thesis methodology

The continuous generation and long-term retention of mobile communications data are inherently related to the every day transactions of every mobile phone user.

Chapter 3 of thesis methodology

The third part describes the populations of the respondents. A representative sample produces results which can be used to formulate generalisations.

I could explain it to a friend - No, I have never heard of location data The reason for this change was that the previous answer choices were not meaningful enough, as the questionnaire merely asked whether people had 'heard of' the data and if yes from which sources.

Each statement was assigned a separate variable in the data analysis.

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These consisted primarily of the small sample size which could not provide representative results and the danger of making inaccurate predictions or assumption based on the pilot data. In this phase, it allows the user to deals with the changeover to a new or improved system.

Judgmental sampling is a non-probability sampling technique based on judgment.

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