Cda competency goal 2 activities that promote physical cognitive and creative development

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We will have centers outside that will challenge children in there physical development and exercise their large and small motor skills. Children will have space and ideas in individual ways and to express their creative abilites.

In my classroom I created a memory game where the children have to flip over a card and try to match the uppercase letter with the lowercase letter.

Cda competency goal 2 activities that promote physical cognitive and creative development

In order for me to promote physical development I will need to provide a variety of equiptment, activites, and opportunities such as a period of time for outdoor play or even just an exercise activity. I will advance in the physical area by arranging and encouraging physical activities, knowing how children physical development affects their cognitive, social, and emotional development. I will encourage children to take turn talking and listening instead of interrupting each other or adults and also listen attentively to children and help the children learn, understand and use words to express thoughts, ideas, questions, feelings and physical needs. After that the other classmates are able to ask questions or make a comment. By meeting this goal it will help the children build different learning skills such as thinking and memory. We also communicate with all the children so that they will understand and be also to communicate back. At Bulldog Preschool we have different kinds of playground equipments from slides to tunnels. We then discussed what happened and why it happened. Clapping games such as pat-a-cake also promote coordination. We do experiments and I ask the children to document what they think will happen before the experiment and then what actually happened after the experiment.

Add to this activity as your baby grows by placing colorful toys just out of reach to encourage scooting and crawling. Ange P said Activities such as painting, puzzles, writing, coloring and typing on the keyboard allows them to use their fine motor skills.

I will advance in physical and intellectual competence by using the following areas physical, cognitive, communication, and creativity. When the children at Bulldog Preschool wasn't feeling good or was crying and we didn't understand why then we would ask the children to tell us what was wrong.

To advance physical and intellectual competence. Ensure that the candidate is using proper grammar, appropriate language, and general verbal etiquette. Riding toys, swings and climbing structures help children gain strength, dexterity and coordination.

I could promote exploration by having them go on a treasure hunt for a couple things. Communication: Children begin to learn how to express communication in verbal and nonverbal mannerisms. Opportunities to promote the physical development of children will be provided. To provide a variety of equipments are growth is most dramatic during infancy and adolescence. We then discussed what happened and why it happened. Studies have shown that children who use sign language as babies, develop verbal language earlier then children who do not use sign language. Here are ways to advance physical and intellectual competence. Some examples, When I helped at Bulldog Preschool we always would ask questions for the children to burst their curisoity. As the provider I will continue to encourage children to try new things and reinforce the positive of what they already know about the world around them. Physical: Physical development is critical for develop for the human body for every age. In order for me to promote intellectual development I will need to provide activities and opportunities that encourage curiosity, exploration, and problem solving that is developmentally appropriate to the age group in my classroom. In order to promote physical development in my classroom I will need to provide a variety of equiptment, activities, and opportunities for my students.

I do this by having children think about how to solve problems rather than simply asking a question and receiving an answer. List and describe 10 activities that give children opportunities to express their creativity.

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Competency Goal 2