Case studies of implementation of lean manufacturing at industries

Lean manufacturing case study india

The main objective of this paper is to investigate the extent of 24 lean manufacturing practices implementation in SME. The survey results show that a majority of respondents agreed and implementing extensively kaizen, 5S and standardization in their firms. Lean Solutions: Recognizing the importance of locating the NDT area near its internal feeders, we located a centrally located space that would sufficiently meet the needs of the NDT area. Furthermore, it is necessary for the top management to provide a clear policies as well as plan and direction. The teamwork and contributions of those involved in these improvements were impressive by any standards. Interviews were conducted with the key personnel to answer some issues which were crucial in this study. Medical Equipment: Electro-Mechanical Problems: This large manufacturing facility produced electro-mechanical medical devices. Return to List Antenna Manufacturing Problems: An awkward production process and workflow in the Transit Antenna build area created excessively long lead-times. The employees learned to eliminate many redundant tools and procedures from their processes. All of these duties were performed while the operator from the previous shift continued to run the equipment or completed assigned work processes. This was followed by another day of classroom processing and training on key, area specific, and business issues. The application of kaizen and 7 quality control tools are most popular implementation in the selected case study companies as the tools to eliminate nonvalue added activities. They expected to be able to place an order today and pick up or have their order shipped first thing the next day.

Inventory reduction and on-time delivery goals were set, and commitment attained. The process was driven by an ERP system with multi-level bills of material, shop order travelors, pick lists, lot sizes, and stock room transactions.

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Lean manufacturing defines the value of a product or a service with the customer point of view not on the basis of type of technology and amount of labour.

Deros, Mohd Nizam A.

Case studies of implementation of lean manufacturing at industries

Flexibility was built-in so that all future layout modifications were essentially free. Lean Solutions: We first attended to the setup and changeover functions of essential equipment and found a number of ways to streamline the process.

After considerable re-layout, equipment streamlining and workflow improvements, the new NDT location used only about one-third of the previous space.

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These were products that would eventually be as long as feet and consume a considerable amount of production time and materials.

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Case Studies on the Implementation of Lean Manufacturing in the Automotive Malaysian Companies