Business plan for an island resort and spa

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Our zoo will be home to major local endanger species such as birds, mammals, lizards and many other types of species. Our employees know that they must constantly communicate the brand to the clients through their actions. There will be incredible products and services to be offered which include an international standard 5 stars hotel, 7 bungalows, casino, restaurants, and much more amazing places such as amusement park, zoo, golf course, rented cruiser and sailboats which would provide luxury services for all customers that come to visit our Paradise Resort, moreover, there will also has airport and dock parking which is very flexible for customers to visit us.

By utilizing the existing software packages available in the hotel industry, including: room and facility management database, controlled bar and inventory measuring systems, and room key cards that allow patrons to charge directly to their room account, this technology shall assist management in controlling costs, reducing cash management, and maximizing revenue.

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The building is seated on a poured concrete and a concrete block foundation. Renovation in the Prairie Style period, our hotel's design elements and furniture will reflect this "organic" approach and provide an overall comfortable experience. In addition, we also have to increase our profits to cover up the costs. Also, beach resorts have received a boost from couples who prefer the privacy and simplicity to that of hotels. We will also bring some popular species from abroad so that local people can experience it such as giraffe, ostrich, wolf, eagle, zebra, penguin, and seal as well. The facility will obtain all the necessary building permits prior to construction. Currently, we have great relations with China, Japan and South Korea and we can realize that a large portion of tourists come from those countries as well.

Other improvements include a 2-car garage with 2 electric door openers. A detached storage shed is located to the rear of the manager's apartment.

New hotel business plan

We intend to engage in intense publicity to ensure that we create awareness about our beach resort to our community, state and the whole United States of America. Phase II Continue implementation of sales, advertising, and marketing strategies developed in Phase I. For customers who stop-by at Sihanouk Ville and want to extend their trips to our resorts, they are warmly welcome by our large dock parking through rented cruiser and sailboats according to their desires and also depend on the booking time arrivals and payments. Compare to other local resorts, the majority of them only provide accommodation and restaurant sectors, garden and park for hanging around while some of them also provide zoo and little entertaining instruments. On the other hand, for customers who are rarely access to our golf course, they can choose to pay as walk-in payments separately. Some of them have a lot of experiences that our resort needed and also the employees that do not have experiences, so we will organize the on-the-job training for them. Training Employees Our employees will have variety of skills that they will bring to the workplace. Beach Resort Business Plan — Executive Summary Scapy Beach Resort is a standard resort in Nevada — Las Vegas that was established to cater to the locals as well as visitors and tourists and also to make profit as well. Incorporating a total quality management approach and a guest appreciation program, Seven Elms Resort will develop key repeat guests and lounge patrons. How have we fared compared to our competitors? Shawn Michaels and Mr. Intermediate: years 1. Environment: as mentioned, our priority in operating this business is to be environmental friendly. We will have water purifier system to convert dirty or used water to clean water before we flow it into the sea. Even though our core service is to ensure that all our various customers can relax and have fun as well, we intend to ensure that we create other multiple sources of income that will also generate revenue for our business and boost our bottom line as is legally permissible in Las Vegas as well as in the whole United States of America.

The next thing you will need to consider in running this kind of business is getting a business plan written. Despite the fact, we are the first business to provide this huge resort project in which none of the business here has ever experienced before.

Business plan for an island resort and spa

Investor: we will definitely be honest with them and we will not betray our investors by given all sort of fake financial transactions include financial reports, accounting analysis, stock-price, share, and so on. Seven Elms Resort shall specialize in meeting an individual or couple's needs.

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The next five years to will see this industry continue to boom, as the economy grows and allows more consumers to have more funds in which they will use for vacationing and beach resort trips. Desiring to return to his own business, he wishes to establish Seven Elms Resort, Inc. Moderately priced between the high-line hotel properties and the older motel strips, Seven Elms Resort shall fill an affordability niche not presently available in Benzie County. The motel has a partial basement and includes a laundry room with two washers and two dryers. We will ensure that our management staff for instance, not only understand our core values and the direction we intend to take bus also be able to communicate this to the staff who work under them. Promotion Our resort will organize our own website and we will post update information and especially various types of promotion on our website so that our ideal customers can realize it. In contrast, if the global economy goes down, the number of customers in our resort will decline and it would affect our revenues since people are not willing to spend so much money especially for travelling during economic downturns. Due to the fact that we intend for the resort to run smoothly with as few hitches as possible, we will continually train our workers so that they are able to have enhanced skills that are not only necessary to help the business grow but also set them apart from their peers in the hospitality industry here in Nevada — Las Vegas as well as in the whole of the United States of America. We expect in the next five years, we would be able to invest more into our resort by replace new equipment and expand our business to attract more guests plus increase more job opportunity to local people in the community. Company Business Plan Objective This business plan serves to detail the direction, vision, and planning to achieve our goal for providing superior and comprehensive hotel and lounge services.
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A Sample Beach Resort Business Plan Template