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In addition, it finds out the competitive position with rivals, sustainability strategy, marketing tactics, and management structure of communication system, which is presented through strategic audit To view more companies, please choose a letter from the list below.

The company operates around telephone exchanges across the country, providing the largest fixed line network. He set up his first shop in Drury Lane in Holborn, London, which became headquarters this day. With the integration of aforementioned factors, the firms can be able to achieve in cost reduction, environmental preservation, green logistics, and efficient environmental resource usage.

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Performance Management 7. During the course of this project, these technologies were in their launching process and thus we faced various contradicting and conflicting information regarding this unexplored area in telecommunications of Pakistan.

Their parent company Deutsche Telekom wanted them to remain an integrated telecommunications company.

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The wrong location could increase the chances of a business failing. The advantages are that it will make the analysis a lot easer to understand as each section of the questionnaire will have a heading of one of the 7P's.

Information and communication technology ICT has had a dramatic effect on the way communication takes place in business.

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