An argument against the current us drinking age and prohibitions of alcohol use

I also think a lot of the interest among the college presidents came about from a sense of fatalism—that there was nothing that works so we should try this.

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In they attempted to place a constitutional amendment to lower the drinking age to 19 on the general election ballot. Inthe 18th Amendment to the U.

Over the past two decades, several efforts have bubbled up to bring the drinking age back down to As previous experience suggests, whether the current movement to lower the MLDA is ultimately successful may lie in its ability to frame the scientific debate and influence public opinion.

Some presidents had to be taught what the research issues were, and then withdrew their support. It would cost states an enormous amount of money and provoke vociferous opposition from a variety of groups, including Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

After prohibition had concluded intwenty- one was the new legal drinking age.

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The group was charged with increasing public awareness of drunk driving, persuading states to attack the problem in an organized and systematic manner, encouraging state and local officials to use the latest techniques and methods to address the problem and generating public support for increased enforcement of drunk driving laws.

Consuming alcohol while the brain is still developing can also increase ones risk of alcohol dependency. It was not what I remembered from my experience in college.

The second way is by petition of the registered electors of the state. The focus on problems related to underage drinking has been particularly strong on college campuses 17 Advertisement Only seven countries have drinking ages as high as the United States, which begs the question: Why is ours so high?

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Raising the Drinking Age to 21 Has Been a Disastrous Year Experiment