An analysis of merchants tale by chaucer

The Merchant perhaps reveals his own blindness, the limitations of his own understanding.

the merchants tale january character analysis

In the Prologue the Merchant speaks from experience instead of authority vs. Proserpina wants May to have sex with Damian; Pluto wants to restore his sight to prevent it - and Proserpina forcibly ends the argument.

the merchants tale themes

The Clerk had an ideal view of the past and an ironic view of present realities; the Merchant has contempt for ideals and a bitter view of realities. Dante then asks Virgil why usury was a sin. One of January's attendants is a handsome youth named Damian, who is immediately smitten with love the moment he sees May.

The intervention of Pluto and Proserpine into the action of the Merchant's Tale has its analogue in the appearance of God and St. Analysis Even for those who have never read The Merchant's Tale, the concept is widely familiar.

Pluto and Proserpina the king and queen of Fairyland.

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In the middle of the tale, when January wedded May and they began their life as a married couple, January became assertive over her. This is expressed in the Merchants Tale as well.

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The Canterbury Tales The Merchant’s Tale Summary and Analysis