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Burnside the originator of "sideburns" was put in charge of the Northern army following Antietam. The Radical Republicans who replaced Lincoln's authority were much less forgiving than Honest Abe would've been.

The North moved by sea to and then up the historic Yorktown peninsula.

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Lincoln sent McClellan's reinforcements to guard Washington D. The Merrimack was an ironclad—a ship heavily armored with iron and thus greatly protected from cannon fire.

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The war then took a 9 month "time-out" for prep. But, it did not free the slaves in the Border States. Lincoln became an instant martyr—a hero who died fighting for the nation and freedom of blacks. Why would anything a "foreign" president says be binding over them? Holden sneaks into Phoebe's room, but she's not there. Finally, Phoebe figures out that Holden kicked out of school again. The nation had put itself through the ultimate test, and had survived. Before he wakes her up, he looks at her for a minute. John Pope in command. Finally, he lights a cigarette and wakes Phoebe up. Many citizens picnicked along the edge of the battle as though tailgaiting at a sporting event.

McClellan was the Democratic candidate. Confederate Jeb Stuart's calvary rode completely around McClellan it was a major no-no to allow such a thing. The South was just as disorganized and thus could not pursue.

In April ofsurrounded, Gen.

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The War in the West Lincoln was having terrible luck finding a general to get the job done. This somehow includes a made-up story that he's got an injured leg. Lee was outnumbered but he out-maneuvered Hooker by splitting his forces and then sending Stonewall Jackson around to attack the flanks. Everything was destroyed—farms, houses, crops, railroads, warehouses, fields, etc. Lincoln had placed Gen. He checks out the stuff she's got lying on her desk. Grant was demoted after nearly getting wiped out at the Battle of Shiloh. In he moves the family to the Santa Clara Valley outside of San Jose and begins sharecropping a hundred acres for a strawberry farmer. Her academic and extracurricular achievements are only a mask for her deeper need for acceptance on a human level, and when hope of such acceptance is removed, there is little hope at all. The South won the first 2 days by pushing the North out of town and into the hills.

Southerners created a legitimate threat to the blockade with the C. Ulysses S. Lee was outnumbered but he out-maneuvered Hooker by splitting his forces and then sending Stonewall Jackson around to attack the flanks.

He came up with the simple but clear slogan: "You don't change horses midstream.

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